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Essential Nutrients for Fantastic Hair, Skin and Nails

Updated: Jul 27

The condition of your hair, skin and nails can be a reflection of your general health, so it is important that you are eating well. If your hair, skin or nails are dry or brittle it can be that you are deficient in certain nutrients.


Collagen is naturally present in your hair, skin and nails, and the health of these things is dependent on their collagen content. The more collagen the better. It acts as a kind of springy scaffold for your skin. Collagen also has a hand in scalp health, helping hair grow strong and thick, and keeping nails from splitting and flaking. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies slowly produce less and less collagen and the effects are reflected in the visible signs of chronological ageing. These include wrinkles, sagging skin, thinning hair and weak, brittle nails. Collagen supplements contain collagen protein which has been broken down into shorter chains of amino acids, known as collagen peptides. These peptides are thought to stimulate the natural collagen production in the body, leading to visible and tangible results over time.


Biotin is probably the most well known over-the-counter (OTC) supplement for beauty needs. Biotin is part of the B complex that helps our bodies convert food into energy and metabolize fats and proteins. Misconceptions that biotin is a cure-all beauty fix may come from deficiency symptoms. If you don’t get enough biotin, you’ll see thinning of hair, scaly skin, and brittle nails. The NIH associates biotin with possible increase in nail and hair thickness and strength. Some research says in combination with zinc, biotin can reduce hair loss. Biotin-rich foods include nuts, vegetables, and eggs.


Zinc is an essential mineral necessary for cellular metabolism, immune function, and wound healing. Research shows zinc is effective in healing skin lesions, like in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Although zinc won’t increase your hair growth, including zinc in your diet with help prevent lifeless locks and hair loss. We get most of our zinc from high-protein foods such as meat, fish, and nuts. Vegetarians and vegans may need an extra boost, but you can also find zinc in beans, mushrooms, and spinach.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in our bodies, and research links vitamin C with UV protection. Our bodies need Vitamin C to make the protein collagen for wound healing. It also acts as a barrier to free radicals such as cigarette smoke, pollution, and UV rays from the sun. Vitamin C is easily consumed in citrus fruits and some fortified beverages. The RDAs for men are 90 milligrams per day and 75 milligrams per day for women. A glass of orange juice offers 80 mg per serving. That may be all the added vitamin C you need before supplementation.

Hyaluronic Acid

HA is a carbohydrate that naturally occurs throughout the human body. The purpose is to help bind water and to help lubricate moving parts of your body, such as muscles and joints.

HA is most concentrated in our skin, with about 50% of HA within our bodies being part of our skin. As we age, our skin being able to naturally produce hyaluronic acid decreases. This results in skin becoming drier and losing the ability to restore itself as it once did. By increasing the amount of HA in your skin you can reduce the amount of fine lines and wrinkles as the skin holds more moisture. Eat leafy green vegetables to aid the production of HA in your body.


Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to your cells. This makes it an important mineral for many bodily functions, including hair growth. Without iron your hair can become dull, thin, and dry. And without iron, your nails could become brittle and break easily. Iron deficiency, which causes anemia, is a major cause of hair loss. It’s especially common in women. Iron also helps make your skin glow by activating B vitamins. Foods high in Iron include clams, oysters, eggs, red meat, spinach and lentils.

Grapeseed Extract

This is derived from the seeds left over in the making of wine. Grape seed extract is high in antioxidants called proanthocyanidins which help to slow down the ageing process. Grape seed extract has many benefits including the ability to bond with collagen which helps with skin health and also with reducing wrinkles as it promotes elasticity and flexibility in the skin.

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